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Maria – 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Maria Sepioni was the wife of Erminio Sepioni, the founder of the Frantoio Sepioni Oil Company, and she has always been a point of reference for the family. Sweet, good and always present in every speech, Maria lei represents the emblem of hospitality and generosity that characterize Italian culture.


Our extra virgin olive oil, called Maria in honor of her grandmother, contains all the sensations that she was able to give during her life: warmth, goodness and tradition. Maria is an oil that, like her inspiring muse, is always present and ready to accompany every moment of the day, giving sensations of warmth and goodness.


The versatility of Maria oil is incredible: it can be used to flavor a simple salad or to create a mouth-watering mayonnaise; it can be used as a condiment for a pasta dish or to flavor grilled meat. Maria oil is an ingredient that adapts perfectly to every dish, giving a note of refinement and taste.


Maria oil is a high quality product, produced with calm and patience and with specially selected olives to ensure maximum goodness and freshness. The processing of the olives takes place with modern techniques but always respecting the local tradition, thus guaranteeing the highest quality of the final product.


In short, Maria extra virgin olive oil is the ideal companion for every dish and every occasion, a real reserve of taste and tradition. Like Maria, our extra virgin olive oil represents a point of reference for the Sepioni family and an emotion that cannot be forgotten.

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