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Erminio – 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Erminio Sepioni, my grandfather, was the founder of the Frantoio Sepioni Olive Oil Company, a severe man and in one piece, with an inner strength that guided him in life and work. He was a silent man, but one who conveyed his determination and his passion for olive oil through his actions.


The production of extra virgin olive oil was his passion and his life, which he then passed on to his family and employees. With his skilled hands, they were able to create a high quality product with the traditional techniques of pressing olives with presses, which he has used for many years.


But he never stopped at those techniques, because he knew it was important to evolve and grow together with the technology. As soon as possible, he inserted new mechanizations that simplified the work and ensured maximum efficiency in the production of extra virgin olive oil.


Erminio extra virgin olive oil is the result of his passion, his dedication and his constant commitment to create a high quality product. This oil mirrors who he was and that is what differentiates it from other oils on the market.


Erminio oil goes perfectly with robust dishes with a strong flavor such as grilled meat or pasta with sauce. Its strong and decisive personality is able to add a touch of refinement and intensity to any dish.


Erminio oil is able to give unique and unforgettable sensations, thanks to its quality and the care with which it is produced. A perfect oil for those looking for a high quality product, able to enhance the flavors of the dishes and give a unique sensory experience.


Thanks to modern technology and experience, Erminio oil is able to guarantee the highest quality of the final product, keeping alive the link with tradition.


In summary, Erminio extra virgin olive oil represents a high quality product, with a complex and decisive flavour, able to accompany any dish with elegance and refinement. Like its founder Erminio, it represents the passion, dedication and constant search for excellence, which have made the Sepioni Olive Oil Company a reference company in the olive oil sector.

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